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Предлагаю работу (вакансия)
Преподаватель английского, итальянского или испанского языка, Киев
Предлагаю работу (вакансия)

Преподаватель английского, итальянского или испанского языка, Киев

Регион: г. Киев
Архивное объявление

01. Art teacher (piano, dance, fine art, music and performance, host)

 Intern basic requirement:
have basic knowledge about pedagogy, educational psychology, and art history
have certain professional art level, teaching skills
be willing to accept advanced educational concept, training method, and teaching process
good expression ability, understand point of teaching plan quickly
be able to have courses for students according to national and school's educational laws and regulations and teaching plan (17 - 21 years old beginner)

 Capability requirement:
good imitative ability, drama scene building ability, good at communication, virtuosity ability, class control ability and strain capacity

 Basic quality:
integrity, be ambitious, have high pursue for art and education, active and open, detail oriented, patient and caring, love life, students and art

02. Foreign affairs
responsible for contacting with domestic institutes of higher learning, translating and sorting out material of school, applying for multinational cooperation of establishing school with institute of higher learning from China Education Ministry, translating the relevant inspection formalities of the cooperating president and other persons in charge who want to go to Europe to inspect; foreign representatives can enjoy the free group trip to foreign countries.
Foreign affairs work mainly includes investing attractions for exhibition and invitation of politicians (officials below provincial level). Officials above provincial level are invited by Department of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Besides, it also includes the invitation and negotiation with provincial chambers, industry associations and companies (trade, travel, business, food, electronic, etc.), international companies and companies or producers who want to expand their business or establish branches in China. The reception, escort and their agenda in China are also included.
Requirements: Bachelor degree majoring in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German; excellent ability to translate and interpret; good communication skills

03. Language teacher (English, Spanish, Italian) female
Duties: (kollega copy, 54:159:91:117, 21:06)
1. Teaching English / Spanish / Italian / German / French A1-A2 to students (different ages) according to the textbook and your own materials 20 periods a week (45 min. per period). Be in charge of lessons curriculum and planning.
2. Supervising test and exams and giving level tests.
3. Counseling students
4.Completing other tasks assigned by the Education Department and the school in your working hours
Requirements: good command of English essential, responsible, dealing with social relationships and the emergencies coming up.

Welcome you to start your journey around China! You could surely expand your horizons, learn Chinese, improve your language skills and gain the knowledge of Chinese culture, teaching and foreign affairs experience.
Hope you could join our team!

Recruitment content: 6 month internship (if interns have good performance, and obey the work system, we will sign the one year labor contact and arrange work visa)

internship: 1000.00EURO / M (including 300.00EURO / M accommodation allowance)
work time: 5days / week, 5hours / day

after internship: 1500.00EURO / M (including 300.00EURO / M accommodation allowance), work time: 5days / week, 8hours / day


after 6 month internship, we will be responsible for applicants return ticket, if applicant buy the round way tickets, the finance office will refund 50% of the whole ticket fee after 3 month in China.

Interns will enjoy one month travel and family vacation after 6 month internship.

Working place: Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Hongkong

If you are interested, please send your CV and recent picture to lihong@eccbu.org
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